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Tansmission system, clutch cover for TOYOTA TYC518

Tansmission system, clutch cover for TOYOTA TYC518
Product Detailed
Precision Clutch Cover for TOYOTA OEM No.:31210-36140 Size:275*175*311mm With heat and surface treatments TS16949 approval

Key Specifications:

Precision Auto Labs - Clutch Cover 

Part No.:  PAL-TYC518


        Outer Diameter:275mm

        Inner Diameter:175mm

        Pitch Circle Ø:311

OEM No.:  3121036140/3121060071/3121036160



TOYOTA LAND CRUISER (_J4_) 1969/03 - 1997/12TOYOTA LAND CRUISER (_J6_) 1980/11 - 1991/12TOYOTA LAND CRUISER (_J7_) 1984/03 - /TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 80 (_J8_) 1990/01 - 1998/02TOYOTA LAND CRUISER Pickup (_J4_) 1969/03 - 1997/10.

Products Features & Advantages:

A clutch is a mechanical device that provides for the transmission of power (and therefore usually motion) from one component (the driving member) to another (the driven member) when engaged, but can be disengaged. 

Clutches are used whenever the transmission of power or motion needs to be controlled either in amount or over time (e.g., electric screwdrivers limit how much torque is transmitted through use of a clutch; clutches control whether automobiles transmit engine power to the wheels).

Friction clutches are by far the most well-known type of clutches. The purpose of friction clutches is to connect a rotating member to one that is stationary, to bring it up to speed and to transmit power with little slippage.


1.  Precisionsautolabs™ clutch plate covers are designed and manufactured to match or even exceed the quality of original parts. These units provide a combination of static and centrifugal pressure. This characteristic allows setting up the clutch to suit the car and track conditions. Static pressure is provided by coil springs and remains constant throughout the RPM range of the motor. Additional pressure is provided by centrifugal force acting on the levers which impart this force to the pressure ring of the clutch. Centrifugal pressure is RPM sensitive, meaning the force increases as the engine RPM increases. Other benefits are: explosion resistant pressure rings, chrome vanadium springs for long life, and welded spring guide cups in a heavy duty cover. 


2. With Precisionsautolabs™  pressure palte,  you can improve benefit without compromising on quality.          

With precise heat and surface treatmentsChatter-free operation and smooth engagementDiaphragm springs are tested for flatness, alignment and uplift

3. Not only the product quality is guaranteed, but also the customer service.

 Promise to deliver every clutch on time.         Fast, economical development of new products is available, according to your samples or drawings.  To cooperate with auto clutch kits sales agents, wholesalers and vendors,  sales and marketing support can be offered Attractive packaging is available, and customized is optional.

4.Precisionsautolabs™ auto clutch cover are extensively used on the passenger cars, light commercial trucks, etc. and cover European, Japanese, Korea and American vehicles, with more than 500 types. We are capable of meeting the demands of worldwide customers.


5. Standardized quality management. All vehicle parts and components are manufactured and assembled according to ISO/TS16949 standard.


6. Item you may also look for: clutch disc fitting the same model is as below.

    OEM No.: 31250-36400/ 3125036410 

    Dakin No.: TYD078U

    Size: 275*175*21*29.8mm

7. More Choices.

30210-22R00NSC541CN-030802197 119 0081 60190*129*225NISSA 100 NX(B13)1.603.90-10.94Coupe
30210-22R01      NISSA 100 NX(B13)1.6 SR09.93-10.94Coupe
30210-22R04      NISSA ALMERA I(N15)1.409.95-07-00Saloon
30210-22R09      NISSA ALMERA I(N15)1.4 GX,LX09.95-07.00Saloon
30210-53Y00      NISSA ALMERA I(N15)1.609.95-07.00Saloon
30210-53Y03      NISSA ALMERA I(N15)1.6 SLX09.95-07.00Saloon
30210-53Y05      NISSA ALMERA I Hatchback(N15)1.409.95-03.00Hatchback
30210-53Y06      NISSA ALMERA I Hatchback(N15)1.4 S,GX,LX09.95-03.00Hatchback
30210-57Y00NSC595     NISSA ALMERA I Hatchback(N15)1.609.95-03.00Hatchback
30210-57Y05NSC595     NISSA ALMERA I Hatchback(N15)1.6 SR,SLX09.95-03.00Hatchback
30210-59Y00NSC592CN-031    NISSA PRAIRIE(M10,NM10)1.5S(M10)01.84-12.87MPV
30210-59Y05NSC592CN-031    NISSA SUNNY II(N13)1.506.86-10.88Saloon
       NISSA SUNNY II(N13)1.606.86-10.88Saloon
       NISSA SUNNY II(N13)1.6i06.86-10.90Saloon
       NISSA SUNNY II(N13)1.6i 12V10.88-06.91Saloon
       NISSA SUNNY II Coupe(B12)1.506.86-10.88Coupe
       NISSA SUNNY II Coupe(B12)1.606.86-10.88Coupe
       NISSA SUNNY II Coupe(B12)1.6i06.86-05.89Coupe
       NISSA SUNNY II Coupe(B12)1.6i 12V10.88-06.91Coupe
       NISSA SUNNY II Hatchback(N13)1.506.86-10.88Hatchback
       NISSA SUNNY II Hatchback(N13)1.606.86-10.88Hatchback
       NISSA SUNNY II Hatchback(N13)1.6i06.86-10.90Hatchback
       NISSA SUNNY II Hatchback(N13)1.6i 12V06.86-10.90Hatchback
       NISSA SUNNY II Traveller(B12)1.506.86-10.88Estate
       NISSA SUNNY II Traveller(B12)1.606.86-10.88Estate
       NISSA SUNNY II Traveller(B12)1.6i08.86-05.89Estate
       NISSA SUNNY II Traveller(B12)1.6i 12V10.88-06.91Estate
       NISSA SUNNY III(N14)1.6i10.90-05.95Saloon
       NISSA SUNNY III(N14)1.6i 16V10.92-05.95Saloon
       NISSA SUNNY III Hatchback(N14)1.6i10.90-05.95Hatchback
       NISSA SUNNY III Liftback(n14)1.6i10.90-05.95Hatchback
       NISSA SUNNY III Traveller(Y10)1.6i06.91-03.00Estate
       NISSA SUNNY Kasten(Y10)1.6i 16V10.92-03.00Box
30210-14600NSC506CN-006   200*128*240   
30210-2F200NSC605 CN-937 3082 2773 001 215X139X246NISSAN PRIMERA(P10)2.0 16V06.90-01.96Saloon
30210-2F205   3082 000 001  NISSAN PRIMERA(P10)2.0 GT06.90-01.96Saloon
30210-37801   3082 636 401  NISSAN PRIMERA(P11)2.0 i01.85-06.96Saloon
30210-71J00      NISSAN PRIMERA(P11)2.0 16v09.96-12.01Saloon
       NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback(P10)2.0 16V06.90-01.96Hatchback
       NISSAN PRIMERA Hatchback(P10)2.0 i01.95-06.96Hatchback
30210-26E00NSC-557CN-022  123 0076 10225×150×270NISSA DATSUN 240 COUPE(KMLGC210)KGT2.409.78-07.81Coupe
30210-26E01NSC557CN-022    NISSA LAUREL(HLC230)2.003.77-05.83Saloon
30210-51F00NSC557CN-022    NISSA LAUREL(JC31)2.8D01.81-10.85Saloon
30210-51F01NSC557CN-022    NISSA LAUREL(JC32)2.401.85-12.87Saloon
30210-N3110NSC557CN-022    NISSA LAUREL(JC32)2.8D01.85-12.89Saloon
30210-N4210NSC557CN-022    NISSA LAUREL(JC32)2.8D01.85-12.87Saloon
30210-P9200NSC557CN-022    NISSA PICK UP(720)1.801.83-03.86Pickup
30210-P9301NSC557CN-022    NISSA PRAIRIE PRO(M11)2.4i04.82-07-94MPV
30210-Y0700NSC557CN-011    NISSA SILVIA(S12)2.0 GP04.84-09.88Coupe


Notice:If  the auto spare part you required  is not listed on the website, please send us the details or drawings. We will try to make what you need. 

For further information, welcome to contact us!


Tansmission system, clutch cover for TOYOTA TYC518

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