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Cooling system, Auto Radiator for NISSAN 21460-EB30A

Cooling system, Auto Radiator for NISSAN 21460-EB30A
Product Detailed
Car Radiator for NISSAN MT OEM No.: 21460-EB30A Core Size: 600X688X16/26/32/36mm Tank Size: 57/57X713mm TS16949 approval

Key Specifications:


Precision Auto Labs - Auto Radiator 

Part No.: PAL-EB30A

Manul Transmission Cooler(MT)

Core Size:    600X688X16/26/32/36mm

Tank Size:   57/57X713mm

OEM No.:  21460-EB30A/ 21410-EB30A






Products Features & Advantages:


To understand what a car radiator does, it might help to understand the nature of the internal combustion engine it protects. A car's engine has numerous moving parts, and where there is movement there is friction. Friction creates heat. A car's radiator is designed to maximize surface area through a significant number of internal folds and chambers. As the hot engine coolant moves through these nooks and crannies, excess heat is drawn out through the walls of the radiator.


With a good quality auto radiator, you can be sure that your car will definitely remain safe and cooled for the longest time possible.


1. Precisionsautolabs™ radiators are designed and manufactured to match or even exceed the quality of original vehicle parts. 


2. With Precisionsautolabs™ radiator, the user can improve benefit without compromising on quality. Not only the product quality is guaranteed, but also the customer service. 

 Promise to deliver every filter on time.         Fast, economical development of new products is available, according to your samples or drawings.  To cooperate with filter sales agents, wholesalers and vendors,  sales and marketing support can be offered here. Attractive packaging is available.

3. Precisionsautolabs™ radiators are extensively used on the cars, light commercial trucks, etc. and cover European, Japanese, Korean and American vehicles. We are capable of meeting the demands of worldwide customers. 

4. Standardized quality management. All car spare parts and components are manufactured and assembled according to ISO/TS16949 standard.


2808XTERRA MT05600*688*2621460-EB30APAL-PA13001
2807XTERRA  4.0/ FRONTIER 4.0 6 CY  MT05-096600*688*3621460-EB80APAL-PA13002
 SAFAI AT07630*568*3621460-VC200PAL-PA13003
1561CEDRIC SY 32 AT93-96430*698*1621460-OP0001PAL-PA13004
 CEDRIC J30 AT 430*698*1621460-1P000,M2510PAL-PA13005
 CEDRIC J30 (D)AT 430*698*2621460-1P000PAL-PA13006
 SUNNY B13 AT91-93320*648*1621460-68Y00/66Y/60Y00PAL-PA13007
 SUNNY B13MT91-93320*648*1621460-62Y00/62Y00/64Y00PAL-PA13008
 XTERRA4.0/FRONTER 4.0 CY AT05-06600*688*36214460-EA215/EB80APAL-PA 13009
2328NISSAN SUNNY A/T2002360*691*1621460-6M200PAL-PA13010
1573BLUEBIRD U13 A/T93-99380*691*1621410-1E400-E450PAL-PA13011
1573BLUEBIRD U13 M/T93-99380*688*1621410-1E400-E450PAL-PA13012
2151NISSAN D22  M/T01450*691*1621410-3S400PAL-PA13013
2075NSSAN PICK UP  M/T97500*691*1621410-0W517PAL-PA13014
48NISSAN MAXIMA  A/T94-99400*91*1621460-85E00/30P10PAL-PA13015
2329NISSAN MAXIMA  A/T00-04400*691*1621460-2Y600/2Y000PAL-PA13016
1752NISSAN MAXIMA  A/T95-99400*691*1621460-31U10/31U15PAL-PA13017
1752NISSAN MAXIMA M/T95-99400*691*1621410-OL710PAL-PA13018
 NISSAN SENTRA B13  M/T90-95320*648*2621410-0M500/59Y01/64Y01PAL-PC13019
 NISSAN SENTRA B13  M/T91-99320*648*1621410-64Y01PAL-PC13020
1976NISSAN SENTRA B14  M/T91-99320*648*2621410-59Y00/58Y00166Y00PAL-PC13021
2415/2928NISSAN TEANA  A/T 400*735*1621460-CA010/8J100PAL-PA13022
2346NISSAN SUNNY N16  M/T02360*691*1621460-4M200/700/417/4M400/703PAL-PA13023
1281NISSAN SUNNY  B14 A/T94-96320*648*1621462-58Y00PAL-PA13024
DN2181NISSAN PRIMERA P11 A/T94-98360*698*1621460-9F51PAL-PA13025
2414NISSAN ALTIMA 4CYL A/T 400*735*1621460-8J000/9J400PAL-PA13026
2075/2055NISSAN  PATHFINDER  A/T97-99500*691*2621460-0W505/0W010/0W020PAL-PA13027
2459/2754NISSAN  PATHFINDER  A/T95-97502*691*2621460-0W805/0W811/4W017PAL-PA13028
DN2181NISSAN PRIMERA  M/T94-98360*698*1621460-2F300/2F000/9F500PAL-PA13029
2346NISSAN SUNNY N16  1.8 A/T02360*691*2621460-4M400/700/417/703PAL-PA13030
2327NISSAN SUNNY N16 1.8 M/T02360*691*2621460-4M200//21410/4M403PAL-PA13031
1977NISSAN SUNNY B14 MT94-96320*648*1621460-58Y00/59Y00/66Y00PAL-PA13032
1186NISSAN BLUEBIRD U12 AT89-92380*691*1621460-55E01PAL-PA13033
1186NISSAN BLUEBIRD U12 MT89-92380*691*1621410-55E01PAL-PA13034
 NISSAN 200LALIMA C33 AT89-91385*647*1621410-72L05/73L05PAL-PA13035
 NISSAN 200L ALIMA A31 MT89-91385*647*1621410-71L00PAL-PA13036
 NISSAN CEDRIC SY31 MT90-94430*647*1621410-10V01PAL-PA13037
 NISSAN CEDRIC SY31 AT90-94430*647*1621460-10V01PAL-PA13038
314NISSAN HARDBODY D21 MT92-95430*647*1621450-01G10PAL-PA13039
314NISSAN HARDBODY D21 AT92-95430*647*1621450-01G11PAL-PA13040
 NISSAN X-TRAIL AT 450*691*1621460-AE100PAL-PA13041
 NISSAN PICK UP/PATROL MT2005630*568*32 PAL-PA13042
2151NISSAN D22 MT98-00450*691*2621410-3S400/2S400PAL-PA13043
 NISSAN X-TRAIL AT 450*691*2621460-AE100PAL-PA13044
314NISSAN HARDBODY D21 MT92-95 430*647*2621410-09G11/73P00PAL-PA13045
2329MAXIMA  A33 MT2003400*691*1621410-2Y900PAL-PA13046
 PRIMERA  MT 360*698*16 PAL-PA13047
 AVENIE W10/CD20(D)    AT 380*691*16 PAL-PA13048
1158PRIMERA    P10/SR20  AT91-93340*648*1621460-64J00/70N00PAL-PA13049
314HARDBODY D21 AT92-95340*647*2621450-07G11/09G11PAL-PA13050
 PRIMERA P11 AT94-98360*698*2621460-2F300/9F51PAL-PA13051
1976SUNNY B14  AT94-96320*648*2621460-59Y00/OM413PAL-PA13052
 NISSAN ALMERA MT 360*689*1621410-BM400/402PAL-PA13053
 NISSAN  ALMERA AT 360*689*1621460-BM700/702PAL-PA13054
 BD22/TD27  MT 450*691*26 PAL-PA13055
 TIIDA06 AT 380*598*1621460-EL000PAL-PA13056
 NISSAN PATROL MT 735*438*3621460-1Y02APAL-PA13057
1158PRIMERA  P10/STR20  MT91-93340*648*1621460-95J00PAL-PA13058
 NISSAN PICK UP AT 630*568*36 PAL-PA13060
2328SUNNY N16 2.02002360*691*2621460-6M000PAL-PA13061




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Cooling system, Auto Radiator for NISSAN 21460-EB30A

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